Packed In A Trunk : The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson

This documentary that follows the re-discovery of the art of the American artist Edith Lake Wilkinson a prominent member of the Provincetown art colony during the beginning of the 20 Century is far removed from a conventional academic study. Fueled by Emmy award-winning writer Jane Anderson who is the great-niece of the artist and who … Continue reading


A wonderful insight behind the scenes of one of the world’s greatest newspapers in a tumultuous period where it deals with its very own survival, as well as competing newspaper groups, in a rapidly evolving new world that has completely changed the landscape of the news media.  The other major news story the movie focuses … Continue reading


Harry Papadopoulus is about to gamble the multi-million food empire that he created from scratch to finance a vast housing/shopping complex in London that will net him billions. Trouble is his timing, as a day after the deal is done, there is a big run on the Stock Exchange and his Bank get cold feet … Continue reading


Leena Yadav‘s contemporary tale of village life in rural India told from the perspective of four women : three close friends in their mid 30’s and one new bride, starts off by being sufficiently harrowing to shock western audiences and then it gradually tapers to end on a more rosier note less we should think … Continue reading


A brilliant coming-of-age story of a butch black highly intelligent teenage girl who struggles to reconcile being gay within the confines of her conservative middle-class home. Her meddlesome bible-thumping mother is in denial of both her husband’s infidelity and her daughter’s sexuality thus creating more angst.  A thought-provoking film enlivened with some neat touches of … Continue reading

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