Tallulah (Ellen Page), known to all as Lu, and Nico (Evan Jonigkeit) are a couple of young itinerants living hand to mouth out of their dilapidated van as they criss cross the country filling their gas tank courtesy of the credit card they stole from Nico’s mother.  When Nico announces one day that he wants to pack … Continue reading

    1917: Sam Mendes and a harrowing slice of WW1

      It’s very rare that you will see even mention of a War Movie on QUEERGURU as that is one film genre we have too many conflicting issues and concerns about.  However once in a while we come across one that is so compelling and shows the sheer immorality of warfare that we simply cannot … Continue reading

    20th Century Women

    Writer/director Mike Mills is revisiting his own family history again as the source for his latest movie.  It served him well last time when in ‘Beginners’ he told the story of his father who came out as gay when he was 75 years old, garnering an Oscar for Christopher Plummer. This time around Mills’s focus … Continue reading

    3 Faces

      Despite the fact that he is only in the 8th year of 20 year ban from filmmaking by the Iranian government Jafar Panahi is still managing to make excellent films on the ‘downlow’  which somehow find their way to prestigious European Film Festival where they add to his collection of Awards.  His latest one … Continue reading

    45 Years

    For his third feature film British writer/director Andrew Haigh has made yet another intimate drama, but unlike the previously two this time his subjects are neither young or gay. His story here centers on a retired middle-class couple leading a rather slow-paced idyllic life on the Norfolk Broads in England. Kate Mercer (Charlotte Rampling) and … Continue reading

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