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The setting for this movie is a vast and rather splendid English country estate on the brink of World War 2 where an aristocratic family are enjoying their very privileged lives.  Anne, the eldest of the three grown up children discovers in an outhouse a record that plays government secrets, and she starts to suspect … Continue reading


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Most movies about World War 2 are either about the atrocities of the Holocaust, or how the brave Allied Forces defeated the Germans again.  This movie however is about neither.  In fact it turns it all somewhat upside down as it is about a young German family who have been abandoned by their Nazi parents … Continue reading


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It’s World War 2 (again) and when the Nazis invade Czechoslovakia , Emil a local journalist agrees to read out German Propaganda on Prague Radio to protect Hana his Jewish wife.  You think she’d be grateful for this but she’s rather a cold fish who shows little emotion to Emil, and has an affair and … Continue reading


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In just two days in July 1942 the French Authorities arrested some 38000 Jews in Paris and dumped some 13000 on them, including women and children, in Velodrome d’Hiver a Cycling Stadium close to the Eiffel Tower.  The inhumane conditions there were unimaginable but within days they were all shipped off on trucks and trains … Continue reading

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