Collateral Beauty

  Collateral Beauty is the perfect movie for people who are grieving over recent bereavements and who will be able to readily relate to the anguish that Howard (Will Smith) is struggling with on a daily basis two years after his 6 year old daughter …..his only child ….. died as a result of a … Continue reading

Caesar Must Die

Shakespeare’s play ‘Julius Caeser’ about the Dictator who was murdered by by a gang of conspiring Senators who wanted to stop him running Rome as if he were King was the most perfect choice to be performed by a Prison drama group.  Especially this one in Rebibbia Prison High Security Wing outside Rome which comprises of … Continue reading


When Claire Bennett is asked to follow the other members of her touchy-feely support group as they express shock and sadness over the loss of Nina one of their members who jumped to her death, she ruthlessly responds with sarcasm, finishing with ‘Way to go, Nina!’ The annoyingly patronizing Social Worker leading the session is … Continue reading


In the opening scenes of John Michael McDonagh’s rather violent drama (that I perversely still insist of calling a black comedy despite its tragic ending), we see a Priest taking confession from an unseen man. “I first tasted semen when I was 7 years old’ are the first words out of his mouth and then … Continue reading

Cameraman : The Life & Work of Jack Cardiff

Jack Cardiff was unquestionably one of the greatest cinematographers in the history of cinema. His extraordinary body of work started in 1935 and included such landmark masterpieces as  Black Narcisus, King Vidor’s War & Peace, The African Queen, The Red Shoes, and some less notable movies such as ‘Rambo’ etc. and his remarkable output didn’t cease … Continue reading

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