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It’s hard to decide exactly what period this new cinematic masterpiece from Polish filmmaker Pawel Pawlikowski is set in with its austere dramatic settings that look like they have remained unchanged for centuries. This unforgiving bleak countryside that seems to have escaped any attempt at modernisation is in fact 1962 but you have this sinking feeling that … Continue reading


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In the same year that the UK’s Royal Shakespeare Company films a live performance of ‘Much Ado’ at The Globe Theatre in London is there really a need for yet another movie of this classic comedy? After seeing Joss Whedon’s exhilarating contemporary version, the answer is a very definite ‘yes’!   Writer/director Whedon best known for ‘Buffy … Continue reading


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Old and dishevelled Woody Grant looks like he is on his last legs. Unemployed, crotchety and ornery, completely ignores his wife, and barely able to walk, but that doesn’t stop him being stubbornly determined to trek some 900 old miles by foot on a whim that he has won $1 million dollars.  He has received … Continue reading

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