A Man Called Ove

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There is something about being a cantankerous old curmudgeon like Ove (the rather wonderful Rolf Lassgård) that one sometime secretly admires, for all the wrong reasons naturally. Every day he patrols his small suburban Swedish neighborhood removing bikes in his path, reporting illegally parked cars and even throwing old shoes at the stray cat who … Continue reading


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When 17-year-old Ed Wallis is given a homework assignment from his teacher to ‘go talk to an old person’, he has little choice than try and see if his next door neighbor will help him out.  Ed and his mother have just moved into the area to start a new life now that Ed’s dad … Continue reading

Barney’s Version

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Barney seems to sail precariously through his drama-packed life, but we are never sure how or why.  At the reception party for his second marriage his falls head over heals for a total stranger after one breathtaking glimpse and pursues her recklessly and persistently for months until she caves in just when he manages to … Continue reading

Begin Again

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When I sat watching writer/director John Carney’s  latest movie that was hoping to follow on with the surprise success of his last hit, instead of being enthralled by the warbling tones of singer/songwriter Gretta on screen I just couldn’t get a certain Sondheim lyric out of my head. ‘Once, yes, once for a lark, Twice, though, … Continue reading

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