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This coming-of-age story tells of two teenage girls, who are best friends, dealing with all the restrictions of growing up in Iran today.  The girls are exploring their emerging sexuality as they become part of Tehran’s underground party scene. When an older brother straight out of drug rehab becomes a religious zealot and even joins … Continue reading


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This gentle warm delightful comedy is about a well-adjusted, happy, loving and quite devoted family.  The two teenage children have reached that awkward stage when they start questioning things, in this case, to find out who their biological father is.  It just so happens that their two parents are a lesbian couple, but that aside, … Continue reading


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Martin Scorcese’s profile on Fran Lebowitz is no ordinary documentary. After 90 minutes of essentially listening to this quick-witted brilliant observationist with her razor sharp tongue spend forth on some of her favorite bugbears, we actually learn very little about the woman behind all these rapidly fired opinions.  By filming her in conversation in her … Continue reading

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