Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews NOT KNOWING a queer Turkish drama now streaming online

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    Writer and director Leyla Yilmaz in her second film Not Knowing  (“Bilmemek”) gives a glance of Turkish society in general, and in particular, the portrait of a family of three, living in pre-pandemic Istambul.  Sinan (Yurdaer Okur),  the father, works with containers at the port for a big sea transportation corporation that has … Continue reading

queerguru reviews Kedi

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queerguru reviews Turkish filmmaker Ceyda Torun  wonderful new documentary  on the street cats of Istanbul. What had originally enticed Torun, a native of the city, was that for the largely Muslim population, the uniqueness of how street cats are treated is in fact not too dissimilar to how cows are honored in India. Certainly what she showed was a seemingly universal love of these feline creatures from the city’s residents and a compassionate understanding and acceptance of all the cat’s rather touching eccentricities, the like of which we have never witnessed on such a large scale.

This queerguru reports was filmed by Roger Walker-Dack for P.T.V.


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Turkish filmmaker Ceyda Torun and her cinematographer Charlie Wuppermann must have the patience of saints  to make this enchanting new documentary of theirs, as they stalked and trailed what seemed like thousands of cats that roam the streets of Istanbul for the best part of two months.  What had originally enticed Torun, a native of … Continue reading

The Cut

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The third part of Turkish-German filmmaker Fatih Akin’s trilogy ‘Love, Death and the Devil’ is a slow-winding powerful globe-trotting epic that follows Nazaret Manoogian (French actor Tahar Rahim)  an Armenian blacksmith on his journey to reunite with his family after war has torn them apart.  It starts in 1915 when the Turkish Army carry out … Continue reading

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