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Todd Buonopane & Michael Buchanan : SONGS THAT MADE US GAY

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Broadway performers/actors Todd Buonopane (30 Rock Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and Michael Buchanan (The Book of Mormon on Broadway The Addams Familyi) have been friends for nearly 20 years. And they’ve been gay even longer than that! But how did they get soooooo gay? Todd & Michael will explore that question with the songs of Broadway, 80’s pop and even the Muppets in SONGS THAT MADE US GAY playing for two nights at the Post Office Cafe and Cabaret in PTOWN and they told QUEERGURU all about it




PS Yesterday we interviewed @ToddBuonopan  &  @buckybuchanan91on the eve of their new show SONGS THAT MADE US GAY at @PostOfficePtown (bit.ly/3SKggom) but TONIGHT we went to see them perform in their hilarious show and best of all IT MADE US GAY 


Charles Upchurch : “Beyond the Law: The Politics Ending the Death Penalty for Sodomy in Britain”

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Charles Upchurch , a Professor in British History at Florida State University whose teaching fields include modern Britain, the British Empire, gender history, and the history of sexuality,  recently came to East End Books Ptown to launch his latest book:“Beyond the Law”: The Politics Ending the Death Penalty for Sodomy in Britain and whilst in town he sat down with Queerguru


Interview with Roger Walker-Dack
Filmed by Dan Desjardins 

website: www.projectsinhistory.org


Miss Richfield 1981 and her Twenty Summers in Ptown

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It has become something of an annual treat for Queerguru to sit down with the indomitable Miss Richfield 1981 even though she is not averse to aiming a few barbs at us, We went to talk about her brand-new show, “Cancel Cultured Pearls”, which is a guide to surviving our sensitive, new world. She’s singing and dancing and celebrating this new cancel culture thing! A

As it is also her 20th Anniversary appearing in #Ptown where she is considered as Drag Royalty, we simply couldn’t meet up at the Pilgrim House empty-handed




Randy Roberts : You Need Us To Make The USA

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In Randy Robert’s latest show One Of The Girls who’s One Of The Boys‘ he knocks it out of the ballpark with his excellent impersonations of the likes of Joan Rivers and of course his fabulous Cher.  However, for Queerguru the show goes to an even higher plane when he’s performing as himself again. 

Last night he had the audience in raptures with his take on the Sondheim classic The Ladies Who Lunch.  But it was what followed that had us all up on our feet.  

It was a  queer patriotic song that Randy Roberts makes her very own in her show that was originally sung in the award-winning Off-Broadway musical known as Howard Crabtree’s When Pigs Fly in honor of the theatrical wizard who created it. The year  was 1996 when the AIDS pandemic had unleashed a whole new wave of homophobia and this very clever ditty reminded everyone “You Need US to Make The U.S.A.” Sadly Crabtree died of AIDS one week before the Show’s premiere: but this witty rousing song lives on ……in this case thanks to Randy Roberts 



Until September 7th 



PS you may also like to check out : 

‘Working The Streets” with RANDY ROBERTS

Mike Waller talks about CANDY ….the touching story of falling in love with a drag queen

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Will has fallen hopelessly in love with the seductive singer, “Candy”. The only problem: she’s his best mate in drag. As Will struggles to make sense of his newfound feelings, his life crumbles at the fringes. Should he seize life by his bollocks and tell Candy how he feels? Can he ever be with her? And what does loving her really mean? Queerguru talks with actor #MichaelWaller on the eve of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where he and Reboot Theatre Company will be performing CANDY at the Underbelly Theatre.


Written by  Tim Fraser and Directed by Nico Rao Pimparé



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