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Peaches Christ on the joy of being MOMMIE QUEEREST again

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Peaches Christ is an American underground drag performer, emcee, filmmaker, and actor who is worshipped as a queer icon in their hometown of San Francisco where they got their first break performing in Heklina’s legendary Tranny Shack back in 1996. One of their many life events since then was the San Francisco de Young Museum actually honored them with a “Decade of Peaches Christ Retrospective”

Peaches is particularly known for their love of horror …the camper the better…having once even directed a star-studded indie slasher movie All About Evil.

We caught up with Peaches on the eve of them taking one of their most famous roles of Mommie Queerest on a mini UK Tour with Heklina. Underneath this wickedly funny parody the show also shows Peaches’s real respect for the cult status of the original movie Charismatic with a real passion for their craft, Peaches is, as always, a sheer joy to talk with



Migguel Anggelo bares all in his spectacular one man show LATINXOXO

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Migguel Anggelo is a transdisciplinary performing artist. He invokes muses from art history, harnessing this lineage in effortlessly forward-thinking ways. and magically combines them with his journeys as a Latino immigrant and a queer man:. He has an unceasing supply of energy and it is as infectious as his passion for his art. His natural charisma perpetuates all his performances and makes his talent shine even brighter.

Happy performing to sold-out audiences at Joe’s Pub or the Lincoln Center in his adopted home town NY, However, Queerguru caught up with one of our very favorite artists as he is about to take his show LATINXOX around the US including our winter hometown of Miami



Queerguru joins the partygoers at the Winter Party on Miami Beach and …….well

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Miami Beach is a real party town and one of the very best is the annual WINTER PARTY FESTIVAL. This year is destined to be even better than usual as they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the organizers the National LGBTQ Task Force. This week-long festival……from March 1st – 7th…. is an annual dance and music festival that will feature a fabulous diverse mix of people, music, and entertainment.

We sent the QUEERGURU to check out the Sunday Afternoon Beach Party where the dress code is ‘wear minimum or less.’ . The only snag was that when the Bars opened our Team swapped their cameras for cocktails and never looked back. So the film has plenty of scantily clad bodies but none of the dancing. I’m told that’s what you get when don’t pay Sunday Overtime..


Queerguru goes to RIO and the Mother of All Carnivals

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After Queerguru covered a lot of the fab World Pride/Mardi Gras in Sydney Australia last month, we wanted to turn our focus to the Mother of All Carnivals In RIO DE JANEIRO. During the Pandemic the City put the celebrations on hold but NOW IT’S BACK BIG TIME.

Queerguru’s newest correspondent MIKE ROLOFF was so happy to be back in Brazil, and here’s a wee slice of Carnival seen through his lens


Mark Farrelly talks about his two hit plays about queer icons QUENTIN CRISP and DEREK JARMAN

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Mark Farrelly is a Brit actor and writer who has created and starred in three stunning plays about three remarkable queer icons. He has performed them to great acclaim in the West End and on Tour over 400 times now. He is about to bring a double bill of them to London’s Wiltons Music Hall and so Queerguru talked with him about QUENTIN CRISP; NAKED HOPE and also JARMAN … about the artist, film-maker, gardener and activist Derek Jarman

Both Crisp and Jarman were influential figures in the evolution of the queer movement and helped many of us shape our own queer destinies.



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