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Queerguru talks to Adam Singer about ADAMS NEST the destination store in PTown for all things queer ….. with an edge

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Over the past 8 years ADAMS NEST has become THE destination store for the members of the LGBTQ+ community who want to shake things up, create some social change and look f*&kin’ fabulous while doing it.

Owner ADAM SINGER has used his passion and activism to create a politically engaged, socially conscious, spiritually connected, naughty, queer & visible brand based out of Provincetown.

Just step inside his wee store packed to the rafters and its impossible not to swept up in both Adam’s sheer style and enthusiasm that helps you look good whilst also help investing back in our community as when you buy certain products from the site, he gives 10% of the proceeds of that item to the LGBTQ charity listed with it.

Queerguru sat down with him to discover more about ADAMS NEST and look at some of his new must-have queer products.     

PS You don’t have to go to PTOWN to actually shop (although why not) as ADAMS NEST has a very proficient Mail Order Service

SPOOKEY : the king of Boylesque and the star of HELLTOWN reveals all to Queerguru

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Spookey is one of the few people Queerguru knows who goes by a single name  (well there ls Madonna too BUT we have been forbidden to discuss  that connection).  He is an exceptionally talented acrobatic boylesque performer starring in HELLTOWN one of the hottest tickets in Provincetown this summer. He is a totally charmer and every time we meet he reminds us of a mischievous boy, BUT if you have seen his act you will know for certain he is definitely  very much a man!  

For his weekly show at the Post Office Cabaret  here in Ptown, he pulls in some of the town’s brightest entertainers to star with him,  Each week he has a different cast  that to date have included Mackenzie, Delta Miles, Lakia Mondale, Jizelle and the next show it will be Boy Radio (who is about to star in The Rocky Horror Show also in PTown) .

It was a sheer joy to sit down with him to talk about his summer so far, as he shares  our love of this gay mecca at the tip of Cape Cod that we are so lucky to call home.   He  actually won Showgirls of The Year in 2023, and is a great addition to the excellent entertainment that P Town has a such high reputation.

Check out our interview….. filmed by Dan Desjardins  … then go book to so see Helltown …it is unmissable.  And so is Spookey.



Sheree Marcelle and Mike Flanagan talk about SHEREEFER MADNESS and making their PTOWN HALL DEBUT

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Sheree Marcelle is an award-winning singer and performer currently residing in Boston and performing this summer at the Post Office Cabaret in Provincetown. Last year she starred in tributes to ADELE and WHITNEY HOUSTON but this year her show is SHEREEFER MADNESS and is all about her own remarkable talent as she belts out such a wide range of her favorites from show tunes to opera.

She performs with her musical director Mike Flanagan and they both talked to QUEERGURU about their weekly shows and their very special upcoming Debut at Provincetown TOWN HALL





Zach Meiners talks about CONVERSION : a film about the evils of conversion therapy that every gay man and woman should see.

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Filmmaker Zach Meiners own personal journey as a late ‘bloomer’ coming out as a gay man kickstarted this documentary into existence. He was horrified to discover that his former conversion “therapist” was still active,. Thankfully he channelled his anger to begin this film as an endeavor to amplify and empower the voices of survivors, and expose the secretive and often deadly industry.

The result is a very powerful story told by survivors takes us on a personal and cinematic journey as a filmmaker, an ex-Mormon mom, and a famous drag queen who unite to overcome the mental and physical impacts of enduring conversion “therapy.” .

Meiners includes interviews from doctors, experts, and the founder of one of the most expansive conversion “therapy” networks in the US. For those of us unaware of the practice, the film is a thought provoking insight into a dangerous underground industry that is constantly rebranding, adapting and growing to this day.

When QUEERGURU reviewed the film we wrote “Conversion therapy is the weird pseudo-scientific practice of attempting to change an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression to align with heterosexual or cis-gender norms. This abuse has been widespread across the US for decades, most often initiated by twisted religious parents trying to ‘cure’ their queer child. Queer youth are particularly vulnerable, often unsure of their sexuality and fearful of negative messaging in religious education as well as in wider homophobic society. Shockingly, approximately 700,000 US citizens have received conversion therapy at some point in their lives.” ‘

We talked to Zach Meiners, himself a survivor of conversion therapy, about the film, which we believe should be compulsory viewing for our LGBTQ+ community in particular. Everyone should be aware of this evil practice that ruins lives

Conversion can be viewed on Apple TV from July 2nd

Queerguru has an Audience with SISTER MARY to talk about her award-winning show she has brought from London to Provincetown

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Its a long journey from the steps of St Peter’s of the Sister’s of the Third Removed, in the heart of London’s West End, but that is where Sister Mary‘s journey started many (many!) years ago It is rumored that she is the secret love child of West End musical theatre star Elaine Paige and from her she developed her love of showtunes, telling stories and making homemade flapjacks.

A few years ago she put a ‘iittle entertainment together’ which she took to Edinburgh’s legendary Fringe Festival where she picked up rave reviews and Adam Weinstock. He made Sister an offer she couldn’t refuse, and he has brought her to perform in his home town (and ours too) Provincetown. (And who said Catholics and Jews cannot mix?)

Thus when she arrived here this weekend to start her month’s run at the REDROOM , and so she and her long-suffering side kick Brother Matthew, sat down with Queerguru outside the UU church to spread the news (and a wee bit of gossip too).

She assured us personally that the show was singing and her unique style of comedy. No pulpit. No psalms. No prayers. She’s not that kind of nun. Sister Mary is here to spread love and musical joy and that’s exactly what she is going to do

Video was filmed by Dan DesJardins

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