Nathan Adloff Talks About making MILES

Writer/director Nathan Adloff liberally uses his own life for the inspiration for the stories of the movies he makes.  He has followed up the truly delightful ‘Nate & Margaret’ with a new tender coming-of-age story called MILES about a young gay boy who discovers that his own route over the rainbow is playing in a … Continue reading

Nathan Evans: Queer Renaissance Man

  Nathan Evans is like a queer Brit Renaissance Man : poet, performer, producer, publisher & playwright . He talked with Queerguru about the latest performances of his play SWANSONG starring #LaviniaCoop at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern & Marlborough Pub & Theatre + his new solo show Foreign Affairs at Etcetera Theatre Camden and developing #FlightsofFancy with Fancy Chance at The Albany Theatre The interview with Roger Walker-Dack was conducted through … Continue reading

Naz & Matt Foundation and the fight against religious homophobia

  Unassuming Matt Mahmood-Ogston is an unlikely LGBTQ hero, and even though he may deny it, he is exactly that.  He turned the tragic death of his long-time fiance Dr Naz Mahmood into creating the Naz-Matt Foundation to stop religious homophobe.   Three days after 34 year old Naz had told his Muslim parents he was … Continue reading

NEW QUEER ART @ PTown’s Whalers Wharf

  PTown’s Whaler’s Wharf Open Studios is re-establishing itself as destination for really excellent queer art. Three artists studios each with highly individual and unique looks are now liaising with each other regarding their new shows, so on Friday night QUEERGURU was at the new openings of Gaston Lacombe, Greg Salvatori and James Frederick Filmed by Dan Desjardins 

Nick Adams singing & jumping for joy with The Skivvies

  When we recently posted our film of The Skivvies Summer 2019 Show with their special guests presented by Peregrine Theatre Ensemble in Provinceton, we had many requests asking to see more of the scantily clad Broadway actor/singer Nick Adams. Your wish is our command : here he is jumping and singing for joy   … Continue reading

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