Bourgeois and Maurice : Pleasure Seekers talk to Queerguru

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When Queerguru first interviewed Bourgeois & Maurice back in 2016 we wrote they  “are a couple of sequin-clad weirdos who may in fact just be one of best pair of performance artists we have seen in a very long time”  We’ve been following these award-winning musical satirists with a penchant for the dark side ever since.

This latest interview was on the morning after the sold-out premiere of their latest show PLEASURE SEEKERS at London’s Soho Theatre. Queerguru talked to the tired pair about their exhilarating and rather wicked show which will be running for the whole of next month.

P.s. You can also read a full review of the show  from Queerguru’s Andrew Hebden  at https://bit.ly/3ujut1l


Broderick Fox talks about MANSCAPING his doc about three queer men who are reimagining the traditional barbershop,

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Queerguru talks with queer filmmaker Broderick Fox on the eve of the European Premiere of Manscaping his latest documentary about three queer men who reimagine the traditional barbershop, restyling masculinity along the way featuring Devan Shimoyama Jessie Anderson of Big Bro’s Barbershop + Dick Savvy aka The Naked Barber: screening at BFI Flare in London





PLUS you can read QUEERGURU:s full review of the film here :


Queerguru’s shaven head Contributing Editor Andrew Hebden reviews MANSCAPING : an intimate story about mens hair

Cosplay has become really trendy lately – but is it right for us …….or you?

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When we read that Jamie Lee Curtis was getting in costume to officiate her daughter’s cos-play wedding we got very intrigued.  If cos-play is going to be big, then we need to know.  So we asked style guru Kiyo Ohara the President of Dragon 88 one of LA’s hottest design firms to tell us more as she is quite the fan.   “I love cosplay it’s a cross of fashion meets fantasy. These fans emulate their favorite characters from the costume to extensive accessories to hair/wigs and make-up! They even have Handlers that carry their accessories like swords, helmets, and capes and give out cards with their hashtags and social media accounts. They may not have a red carpet like the Oscars but who needs one in the virtual world!”

BUT what actually is cos-play  “Think Halloween costume but all year-round and then dial it up to 11 – that sort of comes close to what cosplay ”  She added “some cosplayers may also go above and beyond copying their character’s outfits – they might even ‘role-play’ as characters, copying their mannerisms and gestures”

Hmmm.    So we asked her to go to a big cosplay gathering  …….WonderCon in Anaheim …. and snap a few shots, and here they are.   


P.S. we still think we are going to sit this fad out ……. at least for the time being

Filmmakers CHASE JOYNT and MORGAN M. PAGE talk about FRAMING AGNES one of the very best queer films at SUNDANCE 2022

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Following on from his award-winning No Ordinary Man (that Queerguru raved about….) Canadian trans filmmaker Chase Joynt the director and co-writer of Framing Agnes sits down with co-writer #MorganMPage to talk with QUEERGURU about their excellent new film, one of the best queer movies at Sundance Film Festival where it just picked up two prestigious awards.

It’s all-trans cast includes Jen Richards, Max Wolf Valerio, Silas Howard, Zackary Drucker, Stephen Ira Cohen,  and Angelica Ross.

You can read Queerguru’s full review of the film HERE .

Plus No Ordinary Man can still be streamed on Amazon Prime, YouTube & Google Play etc.  To find future screenings of  Framing Agnes check out https://www.framingagnes.com/.



Plus Chase Joynt and Morgan P Page have a new book out BOYS DON’T CRY available at Amazon 



Mackenzie Miller: fulfilling their Dream

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Nine years ago Mackenzie Miller left BIG-CITY living to move to Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod an idyllic gay mecca that is overflowing in the summer and then dwindles down to just a few thousand in winter when the weather can be unforgiving. However, this rather magical town has a long history of encouraging all forms of artists to follow their dreams and that is exactly what Mackenzie has done so exceedingly well as they now revel in being able to perform for a living.

Queerguru caught up with them on the eve of their latest show 420 HEEENNNY 2.0 HD  at the Crown And Anchor when they shares the stage with Austin Tyler, Mona Mour, Jonathan Hawkins, Anne Hutchinson, Roxy Pops, Hamilton Fish, Lady Prism, Abby Cummings, Oya Crystal, and João Pedro Santos


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