Queerguru talks with Samyuktha Vijayan about their remarkable filmmaking debut BLUE SUNSHINE

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BLUE SUNSHINE is a remarkable film . The debut film from Indian filmmaker Samyuktha Vijayan who wrote, directed and starred in this captivating new drama, that lays out a story of transitioning that is refreshingly unsensationalized.  Based on her own journey Vijayan’s tale is powerfully uplifting and although it doesn’t beg us for support, it reminds one that they so deserve it. This is a story that need be shared as widely as possible to help us understand our trans brothers and sisters, better and I so hope it reaches the widest possible audience. On the eve of the film premiering at Wicked Queer, Boston’s LGBTQ Film Fest , she talked Queerguru about the journey of the film to date and where she hopes it will lead to in the future.


P.S. You can read Queerguru's full review of the film HERE

Queerguru reviews BLUE SUNSHINE a remarkable must-see transitioning story from India that both entertains and educates

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  One of the sheer joys and benefits of being a queer film reviewer is that we get to be on the frontline to see how and when our community emerges from the darkness of our past and continues to self-determines its own destiny.  Its also the way we can learn about the other parts … Continue reading

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