Clapham Junction

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Although set in contemporary London when it was filmed in 2007, ‘Clapham Junction’ (named after the area where most of the action is centered) has a decidedly old-fashioned feel to it’s plot.  And a very negative one at that. Commissioned by the UK’s Channel 4 Television Channel to mark the 40th Anniversary of the decriminalisation … Continue reading

Oh Happy Day

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Jonathan Law, an ambitious Marketing Executive, is at an annual Advertising Industry Awards Dinner watching all the winners collect their trophies. He is determined that next year it will be him on the stage being honored, but meanwhile later that night he manages to bag himself another prize.  David is a hot-looking New Yorker who … Continue reading


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This exuberant and highly watchable debut film from director/writer/editor Eusebio Pastrana is essentially about a gay couple who struggle to fulfill their dream of having a child, but its actually more a story about his utopian vision of a world in which all couples, whether gay, straight, or in between, can live happily within the full spectrum … Continue reading

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