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This is the story of how the celebrated and somewhat notorious writer Truman Capote was fascinated and became obsessed by the brutal murder of a whole family in a deserted Kansas Farmhouse that became his most successful book ever, the sensational ‘In Cold Blood’. This is THE role that the brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman was born … Continue reading

Kill Your Darlings

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The cinematic fascination with The Beat Generation continues regardless. Following on the heals of Walter Salles take on Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’ which the Critics were quick to dismiss when it recently had a Limited Release in US theaters, we have this new movie which, set in the mid 1940’s is essentially a pre-quel to the movement that was … Continue reading

Paul Goodman Changed My Life

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  I can hardly claim the authorship of this title because I must confess that before I sat down to watch this documentary, I have never even heard of Paul Goodman.  Ooops!  But I know now that he was man of many gifts; he was a critic, sociologist, philosopher, poet, novelist, playwright, essayist, practicing psychiatrist, an … Continue reading

Public Speaking : a profile of Fran Liebowitz

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  Martin Scorcese’s profile on Fran Lebowitz is no ordinary documentary. After 90 minutes of essentially listening to this quick-witted brilliant observationist with her razor sharp tongue spend forth on some of her favorite bugbears, we actually learn very little about the woman behind all these rapidly fired opinions. By filming her in conversation in … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews’ James Franco’s THE BROKEN TOWER

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This is an obscure and difficult-to-watch movie about an obscure and difficult-to-read poet.  It’s the brief life of Hart Crane a poet and writer well-regarded by his peers but who was one very unhappy homosexual who took his own life in 1932 when he was a mere 33 years old.   In his short career … Continue reading

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