Real Boy

Any documentary that makes a contribution to the continuing transgender dialogue is important, but when it is as poignant and compelling as ‘Real Boy’,  then it can play a significant role in nurturing more understanding and acceptance both within the community and society at large. Queer filmmaker Shaleece Haas subject is a disarmingly charming young teenage musician … Continue reading

Radha Blank’s highly entertaining ‘The Forty-Year-Old- Version’ reviewed by Queerguru’s Janet Prolman

  “The Forty-Year-Old- Version“ is a highly entertaining film written, directed by, and starring Radha Blank. The title, a play on words (remember “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin?”), signals that despite its heavy subtext of the sexism, racism, and ageism in the theater world, the tone and delivery are not without humor and a bit of spoofing, The … Continue reading

Rafiki : the defiant tale of two African girls in love

  African queer films are very much a rarity essentially because so much of that Continent have laws that criminalise homsosexuality and also so much of the population traditionally cannot morally accept it. In fact this charming tale of first love between two teenage Kenyan girls that has been critically acclaimed globally is still banned … Continue reading

RAINBOW RISHTA : an unfiltered look at the lives, aspirations, and desires of the people from the fledging Indian LGBTQIA+ community.

  India is another of those countries that were once part of the British Empire and even after the Brits left and India became a republic they left behind some of the puritanical Laws they had enacted during the Victorian era.  One of these in 1861  made male homosexuality illegal and it remained on the … Continue reading

Rainbow’s Sunset : a Filipino gay melodrama that is way too preachy

  If you ever wondered what a gay Filipino Lifetime Made For TV Movie would look like, then Rainbow’s Sunset would be it.  Maybe something got lost in translation, or it is to do with cultural differences,  but this tale of these 80+ year old gay men finally moving in with each other when one … Continue reading

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