Operation Hyacinth : a Polish queer thriller with a real kick

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  It seems like so many countries have undergone a dark period in their history when they undertook merciless witch-hunts against the LGBTQ population.  In the US it started in 1953 under Eisenhower,  and what became known as The Lavendar Scare lasted some four decades.  In that period thousands of people lost their livelihoods and … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews QUEEN new totally delightful & unmissable Polish family drama on Netflix

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  Kudos to Netflix for commissioning this original heartfelt Polish family drama series which as its title hints has a glorious queer theme . The elegant and well-turned-out Sylvester Bork (Andrzej Seweryn) has three passions in life. His very successful Tailors shop in Paris that he is about to retire from for a new life … Continue reading

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