Years and Years : Last minute signs of a grower from Russell T Davies & Russell Tovey

  If you can get through the glib diversity of the first half of this new show the fertile mania of the last minutes suggest it will be worth it. Years and Years could become a dystopian roller coaster with an unpredictable and fun story arc. Years and Years by Dr Who’s Russell T Davis … Continue reading

Yes I Am : The Ric Weiland Story : a true Queer hero

  We all need heroes and role models.  Especially in the LGBTQ community.  Most of the ones we have are very colorful and loud.  However, there are some like Rik Weiland who are far from that.  Yet this very quiet private man, who sadly took his own life in 2006,  is probably the most important … Continue reading


Ten years on and Eyton Fox’s brilliant ‘Yossi & Jaeger’ about two Israeli soldiers who fall in love is fondly regarded as a ‘classic gay movie’, and now he follows it with this rather wonderful sequel.   Yossi is still mourning the loss of his lover Jagger who died in his arms at the Front and he is … Continue reading

You And The Night aka Les Rencontres d’apres minuit

The opening sequence of French writer/director Yann Gonzalez debut feature starts with confusion that never really eases up through this avant-garde art-house film. Ali and her young handsome beau Mathias (who may or may not be a zombie) are waiting with their transvestite maid Udo for their invited guests to arrive for an orgy.  They include The … Continue reading

You Can’t Escape Lithuania

  This new movie from 24 year old Lithuanian openly gay writer/director Romas Zabarauskas is probably one of the most pretentious egotistical pieces of nonsense that we have had to sit through desperately trying to find at least one redeeming feature to justify why it was ever made in the first place. The fact that it was … Continue reading

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