A Fold In My Blanket aka ‘Chemi sabnis naketsi’

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This rather baffling complex surrealist movie,  the directing/writing debut of Georgian filmmaker Zaza Rusadze, is set in a small town in his country some time in the near future. The somewhat sketchy plot tells the story of young Dmitrij who has just come back from studying in Western Europe and now has a lowly monotonous clerical job in the … Continue reading

An Honest Liar

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Born in 1928, when he reached the ripe old age of 17 James (The Amazing) Randi ran away from home to join the circus as he wanted to become a escape artist like The Great Houdini.  By all accounts from this engrossing new documentary on his life by filmmakers Tyler Measom & Justin Weinstein he eventually achieved his goal and could … Continue reading

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