Queerguru’s Jose Mayorga reviews ANY OTHER WAY:  THE JACKIE SHANE STORY one of music’s pioneering Black trans performers.

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  In the 1960s Jackie Shane was a groundbreaking R&B star on the rise, she dared to say the things other people didn’t say, at a time when she knew she couldnt be who she really was. Under those premises, and throughout the film, animated sequences that resemble watercolor paintings, illustrate about Jackie´s doings, concerns, … Continue reading

The Surrogate : who has to share bad news with the expectant gay fathers

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  Queer filmmaker Jeremy Hersh’s  excellent debut feature film is a powerful story about an ethical conundrum  that really makes you question how you would personally respond if faced with an issue like this. This is the tale of  two close knit best friends and a husband  living a comfortable life in NY who decide … Continue reading

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