Milkwater: a tale of how tough life can sometimes be when you are a single girl in NY

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  MILKWATER : this debut feature film from queer filmmaker Morgan Ingari tracks a storyline that initially strikes one as too inconceivable, but gradually really draws you in. Single 20-something-year-old- New Yorker Milo (Molly Bernard) who even at this tender age feels that she is at a crossroads in her life and is begrudgingly watching … Continue reading

Ghosts of the République : the journey of a French gay couple to become parents

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  For his sophomore documentary filmmaker Jonathon Narducci is back looking at unusual family relations.   His debut movie ‘Love Me’ was about old American men handing over thousands of dollars  in the hope of being able to persuade young Russian girls to be their future brides   We’ll confess that we ended up laughing  at the … Continue reading

The Surrogate : who has to share bad news with the expectant gay fathers

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  Queer filmmaker Jeremy Hersh’s  excellent debut feature film is a powerful story about an ethical conundrum  that really makes you question how you would personally respond if faced with an issue like this. This is the tale of  two close knit best friends and a husband  living a comfortable life in NY who decide … Continue reading

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