First Period

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Extrovert 15 year old Cassie has just moved to a new town with her mother and has set herself a goal to be most popular girl in school before she hits sixteen and becomes a ‘real’ woman. She’s only got a week until that happens so she has got her work out but that doesn’t … Continue reading

The First Temptation of Christ: not for anyone remotely religious

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  It’s only natural that the more people complain that a film is greatly offensive, the more we get intrigued enough to want to see it.  Even more so when the whiners are the ultra-conservative religious who are  up in arms about a comedy satire group that put their spin on celebrating the Baby Jesus’s … Continue reading

The Prince ; the ‘real’ story of the British Royal Family through the eyes of 7 year old Prince George

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  We’re not really sure if HBO Max’s THE PRINCE is a question of art imitating life or vice versa.  It’s a wickedly funny parody of the British Royal Family see through the eyes of young Prince George, the seven-year-old heir apparent to the British monarchy.   In November 1992,  HM Queen Elizabeth II. In a speech, … Continue reading

Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel

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Waxie Moon is an outrageous gender-bender burlesque queen whose raison d’etre is as a lanky mustached performance art diva striding around her personal kingdom in Seattle in raunchy outfits on dangerous high heels. She is evidently ‘a very big thing’ in the capital of Washington state, something that is very evident is this oddball movie with … Continue reading

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