Inventing David Geffen

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Susan Lacy the director/producer of the multi Emmy Winning TV series ‘American Masters’ scored well when she convinced the publicity shy Hollywood business magnet and billionaire philanthropist David Geffen to agree to be the subject of her documentary. Lacy known for not shying away from controversy does an excellent job tracing this fascinating man’s rise … Continue reading

How James Franco forged a career playing Gay For Pay

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  When James Franco’s movie ‘I Am Michael‘  was released back in 2015 it was the ‘actor’s’ 10th movie in which he played ‘gay for pay’.  In most instances, he plays it very safe indeed but in ‘The Broken Tower’ he actually gives a very explicit blow job sucking a rather substantial penis which he … Continue reading


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  Chile just approved marriage equality legislation in a landslide vote on Tuesday, making it the eighth Latin American country to allow same-sex marriage, as well as the 31st worldwide.  To celebrate this fantastic development Queerguru takes a look at our favorite queer Chilean movies.  It includes the work of one of our all-time favorites queer … Continue reading

Top Ten German Gay Movies

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Since it produced one of the world’s first ever explicitly gay films called ‘Different From The Others’ back in 1919, Germany has been at the forefront of making really good LGBT movies. They are usually very sensual with a penchant for really hot looking men but all with highly original and compelling plots.  Here then … Continue reading

Two REAL Icons about to be immortalized (again) on our sliver screens

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  Like so many gay men we do find we so overuse the word ICON when talking about our favorite divas and queer heroes,   BUT no excuse this time these two are ‘the real thing’ and about to be further immortalized once again on the silver screen. First, in US movie theaters  & UK Cinemas … Continue reading

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