Queerguru’s James Judd finds little to sing about in THE COLOR PURPLE The Musical

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    Movie musicals are always a dicey proposition. Though studios have been cranking them out since Chicago took home the top honors at the Oscars in 2003, most have been forgettable. The Color Purple is the latest cinematic songfest to hit the big screen. At $100 million and with box office numbers surpassing industry … Continue reading

Queerguru’s James Judd reviews FIREWORKS a Italian queer love story based on an infamous hate crime

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    Can’t two twinks fall in love in peace in 1980 Sicily? No. In a nutshell, that is the story of Fireworks, a new film by Giuseppe Fiorello based on the true story of an infamous hate crime. It imagines the days leading up to the murder of two young men whose deaths caused … Continue reading

Queerguru’s James Judd reviews ‘Making The Yuletide Gay : A Very Special Paul Lynde Christmas’

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  I’m sure everyone involved in this project would agree that MAKING THE YULETIDE GAY: A VERY SPECIAL PAUL LYNDE CHRISTMAS can be generously described as rough. Very rough. But we all like things a little rough now and again, and it’s scrappiness shouldn’t deter you from watching it. Bright spots abound. Taped in front of a … Continue reading

Queerguru’s James Judd reviews THE HOLDOVERS a very worthy Academy Award contender

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  The Holdovers is the latest film from director Alexander Payne (Sideways, Election, Citizen Ruth) to mine the nitty gritty in human interaction, the small stuff that passes between people that mostly go unnoticed but can be life-altering. Payne’s films pride themselves on their low-key approach. There are no histrionics. Rarely are scenes of explosive … Continue reading

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