IMPRESARIO the story of SF’s larger than life filmmaker, campy producer and king of the Castro Theater

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  The Castro Theatre at 429 Castro Street in San Francisco celebrates its hundred years on June 22. This treasured space for film, music and live performance is also an icon of the LGBTQ community and a city Historic Landmark.  It is also the place that has welcomed Marc Huestis and many of his productions for … Continue reading

José Mayorga reviews 8 Years a story of the quest for true love

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    LIFE IS A JOURNEY, BUT LOVE AND FEAR ARE JOURNEYS ALSO. La Palma Island belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife,  in northernmost Spain’s Canary Islands and it is also known as “La isla bonita” (the beautiful island).  Almost a year ago, an eruption at the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge lasted … Continue reading

Jose Mayorga reviews ROSODIUM a queer French road trip movie

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  The French romance/drama develops a significant segment in the lives of  Noah (Thibaut Cattelin) and Lohan (Jules Bahloul), their characters are portrayed sharing the road for a few days being driven, in the back of pick-up, by friends Rox and Coco who have concerns of their own. A story told in a loop begins … Continue reading

Queergruru’s Jose Mayorga reviews Summer Qamp a camp in rural Alberta, queer, non-binary, trans teens get to just be kids in a supportive space.

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IT IS NO EASY JOURNEY BEING GAY Directed by Jen Markowitz with the support of Canada Media Fund, the documentary is a celebration of queerness in film that takes place on territories in South Alberta, where mother nature reigns.  For the participants, the Summer activity is a memory for the rest of their lives. The … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga gives a Guatemalan take on the new excellent new Irish doc “How To Tell A Secret”

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WHEN LIVING WITH HIV IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE In present-day Ireland, many people are silent about their HIV status because society has silenced them,  not only in Ireland, but in Guatemala and other countries, there is no education on the subject, and silence reigns, not to mention vulnerable points along the medicine supply chain … Continue reading

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