A Fantastic Woman

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Sebastián Lelio’s extraordinary wonderful new movie gets to the very core of Chilean society’s inbred homophobia and transphobia that threatens the very existence of Marina  (Daniela Vega) the protagonist simply because they resent the very fact that she had been the light of her dead lover’s life.  The movie opens with 57-year-old Orlando (Francisco Reyes) getting ready … Continue reading

How To Survive A Plague : the seminal AIDS movie

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    David France’s meticulously detailed account is how an angry and fiercely committed group of selfless people refused to lie down and play dead and by taking on both the pharmaceutical industry and Government institutions, they made a real difference and saved countless live. This is of course the story of the AIDS epidemic which … Continue reading

The Kids Are Alright

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This gentle warm delightful comedy is about a well-adjusted, happy, loving and quite devoted family.  The two teenage children have reached that awkward stage when they start questioning things, in this case, to find out who their biological father is.  It just so happens that their two parents are a lesbian couple, but that aside, … Continue reading

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