Drag Becomes Him

Jerick Hoffer has a big set of balls.  Not that you will ever catch even a glimpse of them as he spends so much of his time as his alter ego the drag superstar Jinkx Monsoon who clearly keeps them tucked away.  Hoffer however earned his when some years back he helped out his friend Alex Berry who needed … Continue reading

Daddy’s Boy

Filmmaker Daniel Armando‘s sensual essay about four young men’s shedding their inhibitions and some of their clothing discovering their unfolding sexuality in a series of rather intense vignettes set in different scenarios around New York . None have a story of such, and are not inter-related, and they are each shot provocatively with hints of nudity very stylized in … Continue reading

Danny DeVito is the sweetest gay curmudgeon

Danny DeVito is the sweetest gay curmudgeon. This surprising and totally delightful new short movie that he has directed and stars in, is the tale of two elderly men residing in a living-assisted home, who are shocked to find true love in the final chapter of their lives.   It also features the last performance of … Continue reading

Divine Divas

The Divas featured in this rather heartwarming documentary are now in their 70’s, and this is the story of them uniting to get back on the stage together for one last time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show that gave them their first taste of fame. They are a bunch of extremely brave … Continue reading

Ding Dong I’m Gay!

  It’s taken two years to convert the pilot episodes of DING DONG I’M GAY an outrageous queer Aussie comedy. This raunchy sex-positve web series  is now finally  set to be released on You Tube  for FREE online on  July 22. This is the story of Cameron (Tim Spencer who also created the series) six … Continue reading

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