I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

  As more and more  transgender stories surface onto our screens, we realise that no two of them are ever the same. Some people’s transitioning journeys are so extremely unique  that they not only challenge many of our perceptions, but also make us re-think gender-fludity yet again. Brian Belovitch’s story is one of those.  Born … Continue reading

I Am Divine

Glen Milstead aka Divine was unquestionably John Water’s finest actor and muse.  Not simply because of his talent that was as outsize as his physique, but because like Waters he was both totally fearless and dared to push the boundaries of bad taste as far as he possibly could. And he did it all in … Continue reading

I Am Happiness on Earth

Mexican filmmaker Julián Hernández’s  latest cinematic treat is essentially a film within a film. It’s protagonist Emiliano is an openly gay director who’s current movie that we see in progress on screen involves filming real-life dancer Gloria Conterras and some of her students. It soon becomes apparent that Emiliano’s interests in the dancers go way beyond … Continue reading

I Am Not Your Negro

  When the credits roll on respected Haitian filmmaker Raul Peck’s powerful new documentary you will notice that the screenwriter listed is in fact the late author and social critic James Baldwin himself.  This memoir/semi-biography of this great African/American man of letters which links the ideas of three assassinated leaders uses only prose lifted directly … Continue reading

I Am Syd Stone : a coming out story

  This Canadian feel-good romantic queer comedy/coming out story started its life as a short film that had a very successful reception in 2014.  So actor turned writer/director Denis Theriault converted it into a Web Series which we then viewed as a feature film at the OUTshine Virtual Film Festival in Miami. Syd (Travis Nelson) … Continue reading

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