Queer as Folk is re-born …. and not a day too soon

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    Is it our imagination or is the Peacock Channel positioning itself to have the best queer content on TV today?  Well having the re-booted Russell T Davies’ iconic award-winning QUEER AS FOLK  will most certainly boost their case. The new show is based on the American version of the show (which was inspired … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews NOLLY: the story of the once undisputed Queen of British Soaps

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  Although Russell T Davies’s new mini-series NOLLY is about a  quintessential British TV soap opera from the 1970s it is essential viewing for anyone who loves the melodramas that go on behind the scenes. Davies, responsible for such groundbreaking series as Queer as Folk and It’s a Sin. shows a genuine affection for both … Continue reading

Years and Years : Last minute signs of a grower from Russell T Davies & Russell Tovey

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  If you can get through the glib diversity of the first half of this new show the fertile mania of the last minutes suggest it will be worth it. Years and Years could become a dystopian roller coaster with an unpredictable and fun story arc. Years and Years by Dr Who’s Russell T Davis … Continue reading

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