KITZ: a bunch of rich glamorous snow-bound kids in a Reality TV series that you will either love ….or hate.

  All those Reality TV shows that are all sparkle and no substance have so much to answer for.  Now German TV has jumped into the act with a scripted drama series called KITZ set in the real-life Austrian ski resort town of Kitzbühel,   It is all about sex on the ski slopes: gay, straight  … Continue reading


  Avant garde queer French filmmaker Yann Gonzalez sophomore feature maybe  more accessible than his debut “Les rencontres d’après minuit” (remembered mainly for footballer Eric Cantona’s impressive prosthetic organ)  but this campy gay slash horror flick is still definitely a very acquired taste. Set in 1970’s someone is killing the cast and crew of a … Continue reading

Ka Bodyscapes

You need to adopt an Indian sensibility and momentarily put aside your usual Western discernment when you view the second feature film of New York based writer/director Jayan Cherian which has so outraged the Indian Film Censors that they have banned it from being played in the country.  What has caused them so much offense … Continue reading


An unrestrained and completely over-the-top pansexual campus sci-fi comedy by famed queer filmmaker Greg Araki.  There is Smith who is still undecided about his sexuality who lusts for Thor his hunky roommate who is straight but likes to play at being gay. His best friend Stella is definitely a lesbian and she meets Lorelei who … Continue reading

Kamikaze Hearts : Janet Bashore’s quasi-documentary plunge into the 1980s porn industry is newly restored for VOD

At Queerguru we like nothing better to bring you the best of indie queer cinema, the edgier the better …. and even better still if it’s real gritty.  We were thrilled then to learn that the peeps at Kino Lorber are re-releasing Juliet Bashore’s award winning  KAMIKAZE HEARTS  from 1986. This 2K newly restored lesbian … Continue reading

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