Delphine (Izïa Higelin) is one of those very practical country girls. She lives and works on her father’s farm in the South of France where her days start well before dawn and always finish long after dark.  Her father is concerned because she has now taken to going for long walks late at night, and without … Continue reading

San Diego Gay Bar History

Filmmaker Paul Detwiler’s documentary on the history of gay bars in San Diego is a story that is very similar to that from many other urban areas in the US who have seen the rise and fall of their number of establishments in the past few decades. He starts his film in the aftermath of WW2 when … Continue reading

SELL BY : or how to keep a relationship together

  Money, or rather the inequality of it between two partners in a relationship  can so often be a dealbreaker.  Especially in a  relationship where the passion has waned and where minor differences now seem like major obstacles, which when left untendered start to create insurmountable problems New York couple Adam (Scott Evans and  Marklin … Continue reading

SUMMERLAND : a British lesbian period drama

  Summerland is the debut feature film from Olivier award winning playwright, screenwriter and director Jessica Swale.  She is reunited with actresses Gemma Arterton and  Gugu Mbatha-Raw who  both starred in her stage play Nell Gwynn, for this , another quintessential English drama with a real twist. Arterton and Mbatha-Raw play University Students  in the … Continue reading

Saint Maud : a skin clawing creeper

  For the very first time Andrew Hebden one of QUEERGURU’s London team has literally moved into London’s South Bank for the next 2 weeks  to cover the prestigious BFI London Film Festival .  He’ll be reviewing not just all the excellent queer films  screening there but movies he thinks will appeal to the whole … Continue reading

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