Brit TV’s ‘CELEBRITY SAVE OUR SPERM’ a ballsy attempt to increase their sperm count

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\You have to hand it to British Television programmers they have never been afraid to grab sensitive issues by the balls.  Literally.  As US TV networks cling to their reputation of fake modesty, the Brits steam ahead with programs such as ‘Celebrity Save our Sperms.’   Yes you read that right as evidently in the last … Continue reading

Is BIG BOYS the next big Brit queer TV series that we cannot live without?

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    Queerguru always keeps a very close eye on Brit TV as that is often where the very best new queer programs first appear. …..such as Queer as Folk and Its a Sin.  And now there’s BIG BOYS from Channel 4: a funny and beautiful new comedy about losing one’s virginity which judging by … Continue reading

The Long Call : a new Brit crime drama with a queer love twist

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  We learned two significant facts in the first episode of the Long Call a new Brit TV crime mini-series (available worldwide via Brit-Box).  First, the title of this seaside drama is also the noise made by a herring gull …. but more importantly this was the first police drama where the male lead detective … Continue reading

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