Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Is BIG BOYS the next big Brit queer TV series that we cannot live without?



Queerguru always keeps a very close eye on Brit TV as that is often where the very best new queer programs first appear. …..such as Queer as Folk and Its a Sin.  And now there’s BIG BOYS from Channel 4: a funny and beautiful new comedy about losing one’s virginity which judging by its first episode, is going to be something we will totally fall in love with   

This is a queer drama about working-class culture (i.e. blue-collar) that non-English ears will have to really focus on, but this is a love letter that is so worth the effort.  

Big Boys is written and produced by comedian Jack Rooke who is also mental health advocate.  So this semi-autobiographical story of his coming out does not shy away from exploring grief, mental health, and death.  Full credit to Rooke for keeping it all authentic but also for knowing when to make us laugh out loud.

It’s the story of Jack () following the death of his dad Laurie when he was 15-years-old, through to his time at university, where he strikes up a friendship with mature student and atypical straight lad Danny, played by Jon Pointing. 

The advance reports say that what  Jack has achieved is a show that’s equal parts warm and silly, with a reassuringly familiar cast of characters that will have you bawling your eyes out before you’re halfway through the first episode.

The trailer is below, and remember when you get hooked,  with a VPN you can screen Big Boys  from wherever  you live around the globe 

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