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Brit TV’s ‘CELEBRITY SAVE OUR SPERM’ a ballsy attempt to increase their sperm count

\You have to hand it to British Television programmers they have never been afraid to grab sensitive issues by the balls.  Literally.  As US TV networks cling to their reputation of fake modesty, the Brits steam ahead with programs such as ‘Celebrity Save our Sperms.’   Yes you read that right as evidently in the last 50 years, sperm counts have dropped from an average of 100 million of the little terrors swimming merrily about in every milliliter of ejaculate to an average of just 48 million in today’s ersatz man-brew.

Now whilst we accept that the majority of Queerguru’s readers have no intention of breeding we also know that they do think about sperm probably more than they need. But for those of you who want to be parents evidently, the news is that one in every six couples has trouble conceiving and if sperm counts continue on their current trajectory we will be looking at infertility as the norm within a very few decades.

Full kudos to the program producers for presenting a serious subject in an entertaining manner that actually makes one sit up and take notice.  They recruited three Brit celebrities for their ‘experiment”: Radio and television presenter  Melvin Odoom, comedian Russell Kane and Reality TV star  Ollie Locke.  Locke was an inspired choice as he and his partner Gareth are trying to conceive via a surrogate.   The program is all presented by Dr Anand Patel, who manages to acknowledge embarrassment without giving into it and mixes the medical with the sociological in a way that enhances both.

Whilst I have never had any paternal instincts I was nevertheless totally fascinated by all the ways I would have to change in my daily routine to help my sperm keep swimming.  No smoking was an obvious one but steering clear of hot tubs was not. No matter how cynical I had been at the beginning thinking that the idea of seeing male nudity on mainstream TV was enough but he results after 10 weeks of gentle lifestyle changes were impressive. Everyone is pleased and relaxed as  Dr Patel manages to acknowledge embarrassment without giving in to it and mixes the medical with the sociological in a way that enhances both. 


The program is streaming https://www.channel4.com/ 

(you will need a VPN to view this from outside the UK)

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