My Dog Tulip

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  J R Ackersley was a British writer and editor who started working with the BBC in London the year after its founding in 1927.  He published many emerging poets and writers who became influential in Great Britain, and later wrote his own highly successful memoir. He was also openly gay, a rarity in his time … Continue reading

Queerguru @ London Film Festival : Andrew Hebden reviews the excellent FLEE

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It’s the (second) most wonderful time of the year. The 2021 London Film Festival is about to heap a feast of brand-new meaty morsels on us and Queerguru is ready to slice it, dice it, and serve it up fresh. There was no better or more challenging way to plunge into this year’s programming than … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews I’LL SHOW YOU MINE : a two-hander family confrontational drama

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  This fictional film is split into 10 chapters titled: Discovery, Observation, Assessment,  Negotiation, Presumption, Revelation, Persistence, Misdirection, Culmination, and Coalescence. A talky film with animations illustrating the dialogue the two protagonists have.  Priya Sura (Poorna Jagannathan) invites Nick (Casey Thomas Brown), to work together as partners in the (illustrated?)  book she is going to … Continue reading

Sean Hayes to be (a kind of) gay James Bond in Q Force

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  Whatever did we homos watch on TV before Netflix discovered us? Granted not all of their LGBTQ+ programming is A+ material,  and sometimes they get a black when they give us something truly original and groundbreaking like Ryan O’Connell’s Special which they then proceed to cancel prematurely. Netflix’s latest attempt at amusing us queers … Continue reading

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