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3 is really about 1 who wants both the other 2 who are not sure what they want.  In Tom Twyker’s sophisticated amusing (but not very funny) comedy a reasonably good looking couple in their 40’s in Berlin are bored with their successful lives and with each other.  She is the host of a pseudo intellectual TV … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews BOYS ON FILM : HAPPY ENDINGS an inspiring collection of 11 new queer short films

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    We all love a happy ending, and with that in mind, our friends at Peccadillo films have released BOYS ON FILM 24: HAPPY ENDINGS, an inspiring collection of 11 new queer short films to move, arouse and uplift you. There’s over two hours of unashamedly positive stories of love, sex and romance, so … Continue reading

All Over The Guy

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There are actually 3 guys to be all over in this very lightweight but immensely enjoyable romantic comedy. And one girl too.  The girl and one of the guys hook up and are deeply entwined after just two meetings, and about one minute later are even planning their wedding and to live happily ever after. … Continue reading

Analysis Paralysis

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  Analysis Paralysis is a touching and thoroughly entertaining  rom-com about two young gay men who just cannot keep their hands off each others despite the fact that one of them is constantly obsessed that he is  destined never to be happy.    Tyler (Jason T.Gaffney) suffers from an extreme anxiety disorder commonly called “Analysis Paralysis’ … Continue reading

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