Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Analysis Paralysis


Analysis Paralysis is a touching and thoroughly entertaining  rom-com about two young gay men who just cannot keep their hands off each others despite the fact that one of them is constantly obsessed that he is  destined never to be happy.    Tyler (Jason T.Gaffney) suffers from an extreme anxiety disorder commonly called “Analysis Paralysis’ which means he overthinks every single thing in his life, always imagining the worst possible scenario.

It’s like the normal panic mode that every gay man gets when they meet the potential man of their dreams but ratched up at least 1000% percent.

Tyler has his eyes on one of his hunky neighbors Shane (Kevin Held)  who jogs past his house every day, but it takes a lot of nerve on his part to  ask him out.  It actually is smooth sailing as Shane is more than interested,  so their ‘adventure’ begins.

However Tyler’s anxiety goes into overtime and so he imagines some bizarre ……and extremely funny ….. alternative outlines as to how Shane may otherwise react if he wasn’t keen on him.  Each of these hilarious ‘what if’s’ are played out on the screen very effectively, but even when he fesses up to Shane that what is happening, it doesn’t put him off.

Tyler’s dilemenas propel the otherwise quite straightforward  storyline and although there is really no surprise as to how this will all play out in the end, we remain completely engaged thanks to the two very talented and extremely likable lead actors.  There is a very obvious chemistry between them both  and they imbue their roles with refreshing energy and complete abandonment as they seem to revel in the many scenes which have them naked in bed.

Gaffney has an additional reason to look so happy as he also directed the movie as well as co-writing it with his father Ed Gaffney.  This is not the first time that the openly gay Gaffney has enjoyed the professional support of his family.  His mother  (the author Suzanne Brockmann) and his father penned the very cute The Perfect Wedding which gave Jason his first starring role.  This was followed by Russian Doll which his father wrote and directed for Jason and his sibling Melanie.

Analysis Paralysis is a well-made enjoyable romp that proves even when there could be impending disaster every time the door bell rings, the love of a good man can get you through it all.  This crowd pleaser may have a touch of old-fashioned sentiment to it, but after all, we all need that sometime.



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