Queerguru’s Jose Mayorga reviews BIG EASY GIRLS a queer horror extravaganza

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  This film directed by Erynn Dalton and written by Robert Leleux with original music by Geoffrey Shortadds to the tangled history of horror in content of queer representation The fictional story introduces us, unaware viewers, to a night club at Bourbon Street, New Orleans,  the place belongs to  Minnie Bouvée (Eric Swanson),  also known … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews CUT! (aka ¡Corten! )  a very campy parody of terror/horror movie

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ACTING IS LYING, AND EVERYONE ACTS IN THEIR DAILY LIFE…   Marcos Marcos is a low-budget film director who lives in Barcelona who is despised because of his films. He is immersed in the shooting of his new project, a queer reinterpretation of the Italian  Gaillo  and metacinema, and although he has a cooperative  team, … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Jose Mayorga reviews The Latent Image a British queer thriller

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  A fiction into a fiction where strangers share time and space, not knowing their intentions. A log cabin in the woods, a typewriter machine, a handy camera film, and sharp objects complement each other in this tale of sexual desire and danger.  Ben (Joshua Tonks) is a writer in need of insight to tell … Continue reading

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