Monday, June 30th, 2014

Der Samurai

In a rather remote region of East Germany near the Polish Border Jakob the young newbie village Policeman is trying to dissuade a wolf from frightening all the locals by leaving it bags of fresh meat deep in the forest. Why he should think that would deter the wolf makes very little sense, but then again very little does in this very bizarre horror movie.
When a elongated package is delivered to the two-man Police Station addressed to The Lonely Wolf, a mysterious caller phones and asks that Jacob drops it off at their house. He turns out to be a rather unattractive transexual in a slinky white dress who opens the package to reveal a large samurai sword which he uses to go on a manic killing spree slicing off the heads of any one and everyone who gets in his way.

It’s all ready been established that the virginal Jakob is quite a loner without a single friend in the village who spends his nights playing cards with his senile grandmother.  Now as he tries to chase and apprehend the sword wheeling villain there is also an underlying attraction between the two men, and Jacob is not sure whether to kiss him or kill him.  It will probably come as no surprise when I tell you that he does of course do both.

If violent slasher/horror/werewolf movies are your ‘thing’ then I’m sure that you will love this debut film from writer/director Till Kleinert who calls it simply a ‘queer thriller’.

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Genres:  horror

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