Cobalt Blue : when a brother and sister both fall in love with the same handsome stranger

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    Homosexuality was just decriminalized in India in 2018 but there has been a small steady flow of LGBT movies for a few years before that. Because of the legal situation and society’s taboos, many were made on the down-low and struggled to find a way to access the audience they deserved. However some … Continue reading

Evening Shadows

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  The timing could not be more perfect for the screening of Indian  filmmaker  Sridhar Rangayan’s  beautifully nuanced family drama coming so soon after his country’s Supreme Court finally legalizing homosexuality.  Being gay waa always taboo in India but never a crime in itself,  but the sexual act between two men was. This is the story of Kartik … Continue reading

Ka Bodyscapes

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You need to adopt an Indian sensibility and momentarily put aside your usual Western discernment when you view the second feature film of New York based writer/director Jayan Cherian which has so outraged the Indian Film Censors that they have banned it from being played in the country.  What has caused them so much offense … Continue reading

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