Brit actor TOM HARDY is Back ….. and looking as hot as ever in The Bikeriders

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    Just when we were wondering where one of THE hottest Brit actors TOM HARDY had disappeared to,  this new video popped up in our inbox.  His last starring role was in 2020 when he played the title role in Capone ….. a movie that was shunted to online only in the midst of … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Andrew Hebden reviews COP SECRET an action-packed queer Icelandic movie @BFI Flare

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  It is obvious that the Icelandic director (Hannes Halldórsson) and the two main stars (Egill Einarsson, Auðunn Blöndal) who also were co-writers, are huge fans of the action movie genre. The biggest source of fun in the satire Cop Secret is to play action movie Bingo as all of the tropes of Hollywood’s biggest … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews LOVE LIES BLEEDING ‘fabulously intense, lesbian romance, bodybuilding, shock horror flick,

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  1989, small-town New Mexico, USA. Too many people with too much time on their hands and not enough money. The perfect receipe for things to go wrong. And they sure do in director Rose Glass’ fabulously intense, lesbian romance, bodybuilding, shock horror flick, Love Lies Bleeding; surely destined to become a queer cult classic. … Continue reading

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