Over the past few years, Emmy Award-winning producer and director Jeffrey Schwarz has carved out quite a niche as the leading exponent of creating such excellent documentaries of leading queer icons. So far he has told us the stories of Vito Russo, Tab Hunter, Allen Carr, Jack Wrangler, and the fabulous Divine.  However, this … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews Kenneth Branagh’s BELFAST one of the best family dramas of the year

  Kenneth Branagh’s heart-wrenching family drama based loosely on his own childhood in the capital of Northern Ireland is a very personal account of growing up in the midst of a civil war.  Set in 1969 when Branagh was just nine years old and when the violent conflict between the  Protestant and Catholic populations was … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews COALESCE a realistic look at contemporary life for the young in today’s Cambodia

  Cambodia is a very fast developing country in total mutation. After the devastating civil war in the 1970s, Cambodia – located between Thailand and Vietnam – has now experienced rapid and sustained economic growth for 20 years (more than 7% pa on average since 2000). This growth mainly benefits urban areas, causing an exodus … Continue reading

Queerguru @ BFI Flare : I AM SAMUEL

  Religion, homophobia, and a lack of resources loom over a touching account of one man reconciling his love for another man with the expectations of his family. The brave participants of this documentary avoid melodrama, histrionics and self pity. It’s a show and tell story that gives its subjects the decency of realism.  Living … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

The very scary fact thing about watching Dallas Buyers Club is always knowing that this is sadly a very true story. Not that we have anything except unfettered admiration for Ron Woodroof and his wild unorthodox schemes, but it is the reminder of the sheer number of countless deaths that could have been avoided if … Continue reading

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