Last Men Standing

It seems very apt that this highly emotional documentary that tells the poignant stories of 8 gay men who are long-time AIDS survivors is the work of The South Francisco Chronicle as it is Northern California’s largest newspaper and as such was always reporting more than most from the front line of the pandemic.  Since … Continue reading

Lost Boys and Fairies : probably the best ever queer TV series of 2024 : and we defy you not to shed floods of tears

    Its been a long time since we have ignored our day’s plans just to binge-watch TV.  But then again it’s been an even longer time since we discovered such a powerful emotional drama that just didn’t touch a nerve, but had us soul-searching. Lost Boys and Fairies is a British mini-series that is … Continue reading

Lover of Men :The Untold Story of Abraham Lincoln : a new doc spills the beans

    It cannot be stressed enough the importance of  the Stonewall Riots and the part they played in bringing homosexuality out of the dark and into society. Since then being accepted in all levels of the general population has gone a very long way, albeit the path seemed like a roller coaster ride at … Continue reading

Label Me : one man’s struggle for his identity

  This debut feature film from German writer/director Kai Kreuser is a compelling study of a power struggle between two solitary men who need each other for very different reasons.  It starts on train platform where using hookup apps on their phones Lars (Nikolaus Benda) a wealthy German picks up Waseem  (Renato Schuch) a Syrian … Continue reading

Lady Buds : the compelling story of 6 women who were pioneers in growing cannabis

    Lady Buds is a compelling award-winning documentary from queer filmmaker Chris J Russo that is a must-see for anyone who takes their cannabis ‘serious’.  Her story follows six courageous women transitioning from the illicit market to the newly regulated market in the California cannabis industry. But the new legislation, with regulations that favor … Continue reading

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