Four Moons aka Cuatro Lunas

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This enchanting debut feature from Mexican writer/director Sergio Tovar Velarde is essentially 4 stories about love and heartbreak from 4 different generations of men and they all share a common theme of self-acceptance. The youngest and most tenderest of the group is a shy 11 year old called Maurizio who develops a crush on Oliver his … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews “Maybe Someday” a story about new beginnings

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This fiction film was inspired by the real-life story of the director Michelle Ehlen when her relationship fell apart. A discontent Jay (Michelle Ehlen) says goodbye to her wife Lily (Jeneen Robinson), who has been honest about an infidelity that  Jay cant deal with.   She needs to detach and time to heal so she decides to … Continue reading

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