BELLO, Failure, Emotions and Redemption : a new film by Noel Alejandro (NSFW)

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  Born in Barcelona and currently based in Berlin, Noel Alejandro is an independent filmmaker and alternative adult films director whose work explores pornography as a tool to question society’s old standards. His films go beyond the explicit, being set to live in a blend between cinema and erotica. Noel’s force strives for a more sensitive … Continue reading

El Principe aka The Prince : a homoerotic Chilean jail drama

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  El Principe aka The Prince, the directing debut of filmmaker Sebastián Muñoz is  one of  most homoerotic prison movies we have seen for some time, and it bears the influences of other queer movies of that genre.  The main difference of this tale set in Allende’s Chile in the 1970s is that  young Jaime … Continue reading

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