Berlin, I Love You ; the latest in the I Love You Cities movie series

      The ‘I Love You City’ series of movies started off with such a bang with the first film ‘Paris I Live You’ in 2006 but has been a rather major disappointment ever since  This latest, and the 4th in the franchise, is based in Berlin and as usual boasts an impressive line up of … Continue reading

    A Five Star Life ….. but does it bring happiness?

    Irene spends her life nit-picking over every casual slight from any hotel front-desk clerk or noting exactly how long room service takes to deliver her order before she sticks her thermometer in first the wine and then the soup. That’s all before she strips the bed down completely to see how soft and clean the … Continue reading

    A Luv Tale : about 4 queer women in Harlem

      It’s been 20 years since director’ Sidra Smith’s debut film A Luv Tale played the Film Festival  circuit and picked up a couple of Audience Awards.  Now she is back with a 6 part web series of the same name that picks up where she left off with  the story of the lives of … Continue reading

    Absent aka Ausente

    16 year old Martin Blanco claims to have something in his eye, so Sebastian his High School Swimming Coach whisks him out of Class and takes him to the Eye Hospital Emergency Room.  The doctors give him the all clear, so the teacher offers to drive him home. School is over for the day, and Martin realises … Continue reading

    Andrew Hebden reviews The Wanderings of Ivan : from begging and theft to thuggery.

      There is an awful lot of wandering about in the 1 hour and 15 mins of this Claude Chamis film and ultimately it leads nowhere. However Chamis almost manages to get away with it by a softly teasing appreciation of beauty that pulls the viewer in further and longer than a less discerning perspective … Continue reading

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