Drag Becomes Him

    Jerick Hoffer has a big set of balls.  Not that you will ever catch even a glimpse of them as he spends so much of his time as his alter ego the drag superstar Jinkx Monsoon who clearly keeps them tucked away.  Hoffer however earned his when some years back he helped out his friend Alex Berry who needed … Continue reading

    Political Animals

    The legendary gay activist and writer Larry Kramer always takes great pains to state that how as a community we need our history ….. and he is not just talking about the tome he published last year The American People. It’s a topic that is very dear to queerguru’s heart especially now that several of … Continue reading

    The Freedom To Marry

    With Edward Rosenstein‘s new documentary The Freedom To Marry we know that it’s going to have a happy ending. He starts in earnest to trace the journey to last year’s  U.S. Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision that literally legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 States overnight, a few months before Attorney Mary Bonauto makes her formal appearance … Continue reading

    Real Boy

    Any documentary that makes a contribution to the continuing transgender dialogue is important, but when it is as poignant and compelling as ‘Real Boy’,  then it can play a significant role in nurturing more understanding and acceptance both within the community and society at large. Queer filmmaker Shaleece Haas subject is a disarmingly charming young teenage musician … Continue reading

    Coming Out

    Unless you are gay or fit in somewhere along the queer spectrum you will never ever really be able to appreciate the traumas of coming out of the closet about your sexuality in this heteronormative world.    There is simply no one way of doing this, and when young filmmaker Alden Peters decided it was … Continue reading

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