50 Years

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This rather delightful video by Canadian photographer/artist Vincent-louis Apruzzese released a couple of years ago gently tells the story of a very touching relationship of two rather charming old gentlemen. The title eludes to the fact that they were together 50 years, but as the placard they carried when participating in Boston’s Gay Pride that … Continue reading

(A) Sexual

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I guess the byline of this movie could be ‘Everything You Need To Know About Not Having Sex’ ,but unlike Woody Allen’s movie that I paraphrased this from, this documentary is no laughing matter.  It focuses on David Jay a very earnest handsome young man in his 20’s  who after he ‘came out’ to his parents established a whole network … Continue reading


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L.A. is having one its hottest summers ever when Troy lands back in town.  He’s being living in Spain for the past four years but now he thinks he wants to find a job and a new apartment and move back home. It all depends on Jonathan his younger boyfriend who he dumped without warning … Continue reading

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