Little Girl : a 7 year old trans girl living her truth : reviewed by Queerguru’s Ris Fatah

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  Little Girl is the touching French documentary portrait of seven-year-old Sasha, who questions her gender, and in doing so, evokes the sometimes disturbing reactions of a society that is still largely invested in a traditional boy-girl way of thinking. Acclaimed documentary maker Sebastian Lifshitz was motivated to create this sympathetic, intimate documentary whilst making … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews “Casa Susanna” the 1950s/60s/Catskills resort discreet refuge for cross-dressing men and transgender women.

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  The award-winning queer filmmaker Sebastien Lifshitz, whose day job is as a Professor at La Fémis the film and television school of PSL Research University new film CASA SUZANNA is his third documentary with transgenderism as the subject matter.  Bambi, his spell-binding story Marie-Pierre Pruvot, an Algerian, born trans woman who had a long and … Continue reading

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