Not Your Average Joe

This new short film from actor turned writer/director Dennis Larkin is an LGBT  ‘coming out story’ with a difference.  40 something-year-old Joe Jones dad of three kids, is separated from his wife who takes out some of her anger about their failed marriage by telling everyone that he is a ‘cocksucker’. However Joe is totally unsure … Continue reading

Nowhere : a queer Colombian/American ill-fated love story

  Kleenex alert for this queer Colombian/American touching movie of young love that gets tested to breaking point by the US Immigration authorities. This is story of two young gay Colombians,  Adrian (Miguel González) and Sebastian (Juan Pablo Castiblanco) who landed themselves their first jobs after college in NY.  The film starts with showing us … Continue reading

Naked As We Came

Laura and her younger brother Elliot are making a mad dash to their family home in New England after they have received an urgent phone call telling then that Lilly their terminally ill mother had just checked herself out of the hospital the day before. As they argue on the drive up there from Manhattan, … Continue reading

Naked Opera

This somewhat intriguing and totally bizarre documentary tells the very odd tale of Marc, a rotund man in his fifties, critically ill from a debilitating condition he has suffered with since childhood who is indulging himself for what may very well be the last time. He has somehow accumulated considerable wealth which seems at odds … Continue reading

Nan Goldin : I Remember Your Face

The best thing about Sabine Lidl’s captivating documentary on the celebrated photographer Nan Goldin is that she so perfectly captured the brutal honesty of both the woman and her work. Since the 1970’s Goldin has been photographing unfiltered raw shocking images of addiction, desire and sexuality but unlike her peers these were not of models … Continue reading

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